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Britt's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[23 Jan 2008|09:58pm]
a lot of you still haven't added me!!!!

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[12 Jan 2008|12:10am]
I feel that there are a few too many people that read this journal that don't really deserve too.

I'm going back to friend's only entries. I just feel too weird. Even with some people that are "friends" of mine on here.


make sure you comment there and let me know you are adding me so I can add you back!

much love.
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[08 Jan 2008|11:52pm]
Thank you to everyone for your calls, text messages, instant messages, and myspace messages. It seriously means the world to me that I have awesome friends that care enough to check up on me. Things are a little hectic around my house hold. People are coming and going. There are tons of phone calls coming in. Final plans are being set for the wake and funeral. I got the most beautiful dress for the wake and some pretty flats to wear too. (My Nana would have killed me if I didn't wear a dress at some point..I have to be a lady!) I've seen so many wonderful pictures of her and spent the past few days talking about all the great memories with her.

I was with her when she took her final breaths and when it was finally all over. I just wish last night I hadn't found out some frustrating news about a person I used to call a good friend. All I can say to that is for everyone to please stop trying to stick their noses into other people's bussiness. If I wanted to make it your bussiness...I would...but when something doesn't involve you and you don't know ANYTHING about what you are talking about..please for my sake and your own...keep your mouth shut.

Other then that, my emotions have been up and down. I broke down in the store while trying to find something to wear. Then I was fine for a while. I broke down when Mama D, my Aunt Wendy, and I were sitting in the living room tonight listening to Michael Buble. Tomorrow should be better, but Thursday is the wake and Friday is the funeral and I know niether of those will be as easy. I plan on writing something to read at her funeral because I know she would have asked me too if she was able to speak her final days. I spent so much time with her when I was growing up that I owe it to our friends and family to share all of our funny stories and inside jokes. Even if she couldn't exactly remeber them the past years.

I'm sure you will have plenty of entries to read and I'm sorry about these not being so happy, but I'm getting through this. All I can ask from you guys is that next week when I'm back to work..we spend time together and hang out. Even if it's sitting around watching crappy, but always enjoyable reality tv together or going out for pointless drives. I love you guys and please don't ever forget that. I appreciate everything I have and everything you, my friends, have done for me. I try my best to show you all how much I care, but if I don't show it enough, I care so much about you all.

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[08 Jan 2008|11:19am]
RIP Nana
January 8, 2008
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[07 Jan 2008|11:57am]
[ mood | tired ]

That picture pretty much sums up my New Years.
What a fucking fabulous night.

I think before I head up to visit my Nana I'm finally gonna order that dropkick murphys hoodie I want. We will have to see :)
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[03 Jan 2008|12:03pm]
[ mood | cold ]

57 girl confessions stolen from felicia!Collapse )

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[01 Jan 2008|04:14pm]
There were multiple times last night that I ended up holding my face because I was laughing so much and so hard last night. Booze definitly helped, but holy crap did I have some seriously needed fun last night.

I hope you all had as much fun and bring on 2008!
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[30 Dec 2007|11:21am]
I want to avoid getting any more scratches or dents or chunks of my phone from happening. Which lead me to purchase this...

My phone is gonna look so cute! haha
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say what? [26 Dec 2007|10:12pm]
I found out something very interesting today.

I happen to take care of his nephews at my work.
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[25 Dec 2007|05:39pm]
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[24 Dec 2007|09:36pm]
Mama D & I just ordered tickets to go see Jeff Dunham at the Bushnell on April 11th!
Holy shit...so excited because he's hilarious.
And if you don't know who he is then check this out...

It is highly appropriate since Christmas is tomorrow!
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Christmas cards! [18 Dec 2007|12:03pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Here's your last chance to get a christmas card from me!!!

post a comment with your address and I shall send you one.

[comments are screened so no worries!!!]

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[18 Dec 2007|09:27am]
[ mood | sick ]

Being this sick really bites. On the positive side though since it's finals this week I get to sleep in a couple of days and get out early a couple of days. I just need to really take it easy at work because if I push myself I'm not gonna get better. I'm just gonna get even worse.

Break starts officially thursday after my last final. And I couldn't be any fucking happier. Already though..it's packed with tons of shit I'm gonna do. Well stuff that I'm atleast PLANNING on doing. I need to get out there and visit a lot of my friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Erika's having a new years party too at the house she rents for school! I'm not sure I'm gonna bother with anything else that's going on that night and just go to her party. Maybe Ashlee will wanna go together.

I should go jump in the shower because I need to leave a little earlier so I can stop and buy some stamps to send out x-mas cards. And I gotta take my world music final. I'm sad that class is ending because that means no more being silly with Mike S. and Eren!! I love those guys and I love being in class with them. Me and Eren did the stupidest text messages to eachother hahaha.

Alright..for real this time. I'm off!!!

New York Reunion -- January 6th.
It's a little bit in advanced..but who wants to come over and watch it with me?

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[17 Dec 2007|08:38am]

1. My whole driveway is one giant piece of ice..and that includes my car.
2. I still have to get gas, but now because I have to get gas and wait for my car to defrost I'm going to be late for my management final presentation. This would also be because Dean used my ice scraper this fall to clean the gutters and I'm pretty sure it got thrown away.
3.This whole weekend I wasn't feeling to good. I woke up yesterday with a seriously stuffy nose. THIS morning I woke up feeling like pure death. I'm super congested and my back aches soooooooo badly.

I really would hate to call out on my 3rd week of work, but I don't see myself hanging around kids for like 5 hours. I'm gonna call Karyn later and see what she suggests. But if I don't talk to her I guess I'm gonna have to go to work and see if I can leave early. Maybe I can come cover lunches and just peace out after a few hours.

I really really REALLY hate being sick. I get so annoyed when I am. But I guess I better get off this thing and see how my car is coming along.
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[15 Dec 2007|10:27am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Yesterday was a lot of fun. At work I played bingo with my kids and we "grew" our own dinosaurs. They had a blast and were so well behaved that it made me really excited.

After that I stopped at home and got the Timothy's presents. Went over to Lily's and made ornaments with her and Shannon. It was nice to see Shannon cause I missed her! She told me my BIS kids were doing good which was really nice to hear. I made three really cool ornaments. I gave one to my mom, one to a friend, and kept one for the our tree! (I kept the one that didn't come out so good haha) Lily made the most delcious spanish chicken noodle soup and grape sprizter. She's so creative and so awesome. I'm so glad I got that babysitting job with them because they're such an awesome family. I went with her husband to pick up the boys and got to see a couple of my KB kids and Kristen.

Then I hung around at Lily's for a while until it started getting late. I didn't really feel like going home so I went and hung out with one of my friends. Watched some hilarious tv that I now am absolutely in love with and want to own the dvds to soooooo badly. Hopefully someone will just burn them for me :) Or I could always get them off of half.com possibly.

Today will now consist of going shopping & out to lunch with Mama D and Donna. Decorating Dean's house as a surprise!! Then coming home and babysitting for the Zampanos!!! I haven't seen the Zampanos in a long time so I just can't wait. I hope Anna Rose's gift comes in today so I can give them all their presents!!

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[13 Dec 2007|08:14pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

A few weeks ago I went with Ashley to Gay Night at Tommy's. I had been telling Beth that I'd go with her for ages and I finally made it over there. Kevin met us later. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of cool guys. The best part was just getting to hang out with three of my friends that I love so much.

Today was a pretty easy day since work called and told me that they only had about 8 kids and didn't want me driving all the way there in the snow. I wrapped presents and took a nice nap. I'm still going to babysit tonight and the mom told me that she was gonna pay me extra for coming all the way out in the snow. She's so awesome and is so good to me. I'm really luck to have that job!

Well I guess I gotta go call a certain person and see if they're coming babysitting with me and hanging out afterwords or what! I don't like when people text me and then I write back and they don't answer. So frustrating! Oh well...I don't hold it against anyone haha.
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ohhhh sooooo pretty! [12 Dec 2007|10:19am]
[ mood | working ]

Once I get a few paychecks I'm so buying myself one of these....

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[08 Dec 2007|07:55pm]
I'm still in need of many of your addresses so I can send you greeting cards!
Comments are screened so you can post them here...I want all of yours!!!!

or email them to me at : pinkgirl098@yahoo.com
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Well, it seems we can never catch a break. [07 Dec 2007|10:51am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Sometimes it really sucks to be such an opptimistic person. It seems that no matter how much people treat me like shit, after a few weeks of not speaking or seeing these people, I end up missing them. I try so hard to think about how shitty I've been treated by these people I used to consider some of my closest friends. But I guess, it may take even longer before they accept the decisions I made for my life and the paths I've choosen. I wish they could have just understood why I did what I needed to do. And that I don't hold anything against them and I don't feel any anger anymore like I used to. Then again...

Have you ever been just so scared to talk to old friends? Espically, since you don't know how they feel about you anymore? All I want to do is call them up and ask them to come hang out, but I'm scared to face the fact that our friendships might truely be over. That's such a horrible thought.

Maybe I just need to give it some more time. More time to blow over and calm down. I just wish I could share how happy I am. I haven't been this happy since around this time last year. I feel that for a while I wasn't who I truely am. I wasn't as happy as I percieved to my friends.

I lived from one happy moment to the next.

I was never all around content and satisfied like I am right now. I think my end result in this is that I'm just going to give it some more time.

After talking to Krista yesterday about most of this, she feels the exact same way. It's nice to know that I have that kind of support from her. Although I think me and her both wish we could go back to the way things were this time last year. I think if I could I would choose a few different paths. I know wishing to change the past isn't that good of an idea, but I just can't help, but wonder!

Give it time....I just have to give it time....

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update! [03 Dec 2007|10:32pm]
[ mood | cold ]

01.Classes were completely pointless today!!!
-There was no delay for MXCC.
-I woke up at 8:47am instead of 8:15am and still needed to shower.
-Rushed around all morning and finally accepted the fact I was gonna be a little late so I stopped stressing.
-Thought about just skipping, but realized we had a power point presentation due and didn't want to screw over my team-mate.
-Got to class and saw a note on the board that said my professor was gonna be late too.
-When my professor got to class and realized no one was there she told us how she thought there should have been a delay and that we could just push the presentation until wednesday.
-Went to my second class and no one was really there either.
-My professor informed my class we were going to end class at 11:50am (a half hour early).
-All we did was watch a movie.

02.First day at Klub Kid!!!
-It was a little overwhelming trying to learn everything, but everyone was a big help.
-I felt pretty akward because I didn't really know what to do with myself, but I slowly got into the swing of things.
-I have my very own group of kids. And boy are they sure going to keep me on my toes, but I can totally handle it.
-Next week I'm gonna start planning activities for them. Or maybe for the end of this week. I just really enjoy planning haha.

03.Dinner with Lindsay & Mama D!!!
-Met up with Lindsay and Mama D for dinner.
-Had some absolutely delicious sweet potatoe fries.
-Lindsay is the greatest and I really really like her. I'm glad we are all part of the same family now.


-I'm currently trying to win this...

-Go ahead and laugh, but I can't help it..I miss dancing so badly.
-I wish I could take a Jazzercise class or just a random dance class thats for exercising not recitals or competitions.

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